Caledonian Road is one of London’s most vibrant neighbourhoods and host to the Cally Festival, an annual celebration of everything the area has to offer. Each year, for one day, we close the road and over 7000 people come together to throw a huge party in it.

‘This is a celebration of our local area’
Alistair, Rigpa



Expect music, performance, art, activities, creative workshops and much more. We also open the road to a street market of delicious food to eat and brilliant things to buy. The Cally Festival is a free event for the whole community.

‘When you get a day like this, you realise there is a community and that we should put something back into our local area’
Dave, Times Boxing Club

There are a number of exciting arts projects that take place in the lead up to the festival, pulling together local arts organisations, residents and businesses creating a real buzz in the lead up to the event! The community really pulls together to create decorations, art works, food and performances, really showing off what this area has to offer!



‘Festivals like this create an atmosphere and a mood where people think to themselves, this place is changing for the better’
Paul Convery, Ward Councillor

The festival is supported and funded each year by local businesses and organisations from around the Caledonian area.

‘It’s been a load of fun, incredibly well attended and from a trader’s point of view it has been really good business’
Trader at craft market